Jennifer Hall Taylor, Founder

Jamie Leigh Kreshock, Founder




We arrived at The Shift from acutely different angles. Jennifer--a yogi, health coach, and adventurer of all kinds--rests her life's work in the multiple paths of mindfulness. Jamie--a corporate lawyer, motorcycle rider, and avid gardener--came to meditation "reluctantly" when working with Jennifer in one of her wellness programs. Through our work together we started dreaming of ways to bring meditation and mindfulness to a wider, more diverse audience. We wanted a tool offering a range of ways to arrive at the same end result. An alternative to a laundry list of recorded meditations. We wanted something un-cluttered. An app experience that feels as serene as entering a sacred space. A collection of resources for living well--simply presented, and in once place. We created the platform today in the hopes that it will give people greater access for cultivating awareness in their daily lives, and through that awareness, connecting more fully to a peaceful sense of self, and whole hearted connectivity with one another. We hope you enjoy it. ~ Jamie & Jennifer